Interstellar University

Vision & Purpose

Liberating our Full Human Potential,
Achieving Planetary Consciousness
Taking our Place in the Cosmic Community

Welcome to our new Interstellar University website! The full version of this site is still in the birthing process so we ask you to be patient with us. At the same time, we invite you to explore the new and upcoming interactive courses that we are launching as part of the Interstellar University Vision seen many years ago and described in detail in both the Interstellar Community Foundation website ( and in Jeanne White Eagle’s book, Eyes Open, Looking for the Twelve – Blueprint for a New World.

To quote from the original manifesto put forth by Jeanne in 2010, “The ISU is a new kind of University, one that has to do with the new direction Education will go in the future, and will help in planting seeds for communicating more profoundly with ourselves, with each other and all life on our planet and beyond.”